Excessive Heat por

Shyla Jennings

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Desde en jul 2013

136 comment(s)
marzo 2, 2017
Did it just get really HOT in here or what! WOW!! SCORHIN!!! :D

Time for a cold shower lol
Desde en oct 2009

640 comment(s)
febrero 23, 2017
Shyla demonstrates many aspects wrong with USA approach to performance imho.

She romps about however her body antics have all the finesse of an aerobics class.

Hardly ever did Shyla stop to look at, and invite you to admire her own body or

attempt to tease with it. The redeeming feature (because it is so rare these days)

is the barefoot swing clip. Other than that she has those winter boots

or socks on for almost the entire card. Crotch bleaching would have lessened

the intensity of her dark bush. Such a shame because Shyla is almost

ink-free. She is pretty and chock full of fun & enthusiasm.
Desde en mar 2017

77 comment(s)
abril 2, 2017
Great movies, Shyla! Thanks! L ove those nipples and , OMG, that bush! <3
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