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Linda Elisson

 4.63 (280 votos)

Install iStripper to get this exclusive erotic show of Linda Elisson directly on your taskbar. It lasts 42 minutes and features arousing and explicit scenes.

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Desde en abr 2008

244 comment(s)
diciembre 9, 2017
I wish models would stop making clips like number 11 in this show....she spends a good deal of her time off the screen.

Istripper is supposed to be strippers on your desktop...not strippers hiding off screen!

Otherwise, good show. Not as good as the inconquerable Tania R., but worth purchase.
Desde en mar 2011

627 comment(s)
enero 11, 2018
Positive: one of the most beautiful models in 2017, lovely and young look; great well chosen outfit

with splendid, normal panties; the whole show on high heels and no problems wearing them.

Clip 11 partly stripping aside of the screen I liked very much adding to the stripping and tease experience.

Negative: her everlasting smile becoming annoying after a while. Not a dancer, too slow show.

Only two pole clips.

If Linda E. is the dessert, I would choose Valeria as main course and Katy Jones as appetizer.
Desde en may 2015

112 comment(s)
junio 16, 2017
I elect her as the top and best of 2017 VGHD.Come on and give us more about hers.
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