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Kate Shoo

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Desde en mar 2011

628 comment(s)
diciembre 4, 2017
Not a girl, but a woman: Kate Shoo steals the Show!!!
Desde en ene 2015

266 comment(s)
diciembre 26, 2017
Kate has got to be, along with Kristy Black, amongst the very best girls on iStripper. she is just truly stunning throughout every single card she's made. With her stunning face, beautiful long hair and tall awesome body, which she superbly shows off with her seductive moves around the screen, she is an absolute joy to watch and I do hope there will be more cards to come of this awesome girl. Kate, I'm a big fan.
Desde en ene 2009

36 comment(s)
noviembre 20, 2017
100% fab-u-lous darling Kate - Time for the XXX card I think!!
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