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Luna Corazon

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Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
febrero 24, 2018
This show counts 16 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 4, Behind TB 2 and On TB 4.

Starting nude clip 9, 12 and 15. Clip 15 (TB) XXX.

Luna Corazon has a perfect face, skin and figure: medium breasts with erect nipples, firm ass, long legs and draedlocks as hairstyle.

The pink bikini fits completely with her brown skin.

In the TB-clips she’s fierce looking and sometimes you see her singing in the poleclips.

In card f0239/Limited Edition her show was too controlled, but in this show (take 2!) she is relaxed.

Luna Corazon is a great addition to the “stock” of models, both for her skills as for the ethnic diversity.
Desde en mar 2012

839 comment(s)
enero 1, 2018
Girl is sure sexy,
Desde en jun 2009

114 comment(s)
noviembre 14, 2017
A pity is the hair style, neither my taste nor her fault. Even so, I am entertained by this girl who has fun and delights in acting. To viewers, performance is always subjective or a matter of preference. Just be yourself ! In addition, I love fashion model whose figure is approved by the business. Thankful to Luna Corazon for making a good card and sharing her heavenly body with us.
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