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Nika N

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Desde en dic 2017

430 comment(s)
febrero 24, 2018
me gusta su conjunto, esta muy sexy.me gusta como acaricia su precioso cuerpo
Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
diciembre 14, 2017
Nika, Let’s get started with the Private Lessons: okay, I was teacher, but now you are mine.

I like this outfit for aerobics or a workout and especially those shorts,

which are perfect for Nika’s bell bottom.

The expressions of her face and the way she looks are not that of a madonna.

Physical she is an attractive woman. I like this body type and she is lithe.

That butt of Nika is gorgeous. I would like to give it a slam.

Lots of nudity with and without the stockings.

Total clips 21: Standing 6, Pole 6, behind TB 3 and on TB 6.

Starting Nude: 10, 13, 14, 15, 16 (FN), 17 (FN), 18 (FN).

FN = also without stockings.
Desde en dic 2012

573 comment(s)
abril 4, 2018
Amazing performance by this beaut cute Ukrainian, Nika!!!

What more could anyone want … a true blonde with a stunning body & physique, flaunting her body like there’s no tomorrow? Absolutely mesmerizing!!!! Can’t get over her gorgeous pussy & her sexy erect nipples that grace her awesome breasts.

Yep… I say to Nika, “Let’s get started with the private lessons. I’m in.”

This babe is superb at displaying her attractive body in a most sensual & sexy way.

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