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Desde en mar 2011

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diciembre 6, 2017
Ukrainian beauty Mira looks good in every way. Her facial expressions will not everyone like, but I find them very interesting/fascinating.

Her smile is forced, but no problem for me. They give an insight in her personality! Maybe she is unsure of herself.

Bikini’s were among my favorite outfits from the beginning and are still now.

With the “dress” and bikini more combinations can be made, what gives the necessary variety.

In the standing clips and the pole Mira moves smooth and supple. Some restlessness in the On TB clips.

In the On TB clips several frontal views of her beautylips, which are among the largest on iStripper comparable to those of Dominika C.

Total 21 clips: standing 7, pole 6, behind TB 2, on TB 6.

Starting nude: clip 8, 16, 17 and 19.
Desde en ene 2009

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diciembre 6, 2017
Truly fabulous, my favourite Lady of 2017. Can we have the other superb video clip back now? (this time with her correct name) and perhaps the xxx card to go with it! Don't miss this one - she's 100% desirable.
Desde en jun 2017

37 comment(s)
diciembre 6, 2017
Ms Mira, I would stroll anywhere with you! YOU make me SMILE!
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