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Desde en mar 2011

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enero 1, 2018
You recognize this: I like the model, but not the outfit or I like the outfit, but not the model.

In both cases I don’t buy the card (of course there are exceptions).

In this show both model as outfit are up to my taste.

Mira is looking good and nothing better than sexy, normal clothing.

Another thing: Mira doesn’t have any tattoo.

Models without tattoo are becoming an endangered species in 2018 I predict.

Mira has her very own style and personality. She doesn’t pretend.

She acts more like an amateur than a professional.

For instance in clip 22 a real expression as she has difficulties removing her trouser. I like that.

No too long clips in this show what I prefer above the very long clips, which can not be streamed.

This show of 22 clips is divided in Standing 6, Pole 7, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6.

Starting Full Nude (no shoes or socks or stockings): clip 13, 16, 17, 19.
Desde en ene 2009

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enero 2, 2018
Mira, the worlds 8th wonder, what a way to enter 2018. Just like Naomi and Gloria, pure and simply gorgeous but with the addition of the icing on the cake - those luscious lips!!
Desde en mar 2012

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marzo 5, 2018
Hot Babe, love it
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