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Gulia G

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Desde en dic 2017

430 comment(s)
marzo 10, 2018
esta genial con la lenceria de cuero. ademas tiene un buen cuerpo y una bonita cara. y baila muy bien
Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
marzo 2, 2018
This show counts 21 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 6, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6. Starting nude clip 13 and 14.

Starting RFN clip 12, 16, 17 and 18. RFN = real full nude = no clothing, no shoes. No rubbing or touching.

All natural model Giulia this time in leather lingerie, which I liked. It gives a good view of her body.

Her style of dancing is a continuous flow, not only in the standing and poleclips, but also on TB.

In that flow she moves from the one position to the other always with the circular motion of her arms.

Lots of naked feet and real full nudity in this show.
Desde en mar 2012

839 comment(s)
marzo 7, 2018
Interesting outfit.
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