Broken Hearts por

Gulia G

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Desde en ene 2018

11 comment(s)
febrero 15, 2018
Simplemente hermosa, su segunda tarjeta y es fantastica espero pronto mas trajestas de Gulia G
Desde en dic 2017

431 comment(s)
febrero 14, 2018
me gusta esta chica con su corazonzito. me gusta san valentin
Desde en mar 2011

633 comment(s)
febrero 14, 2018
This show counts 23 clips divided in Standing 8, Pole 7, Swing 3, Behind TB 3 and On TB 2.

Starting nude clip 14, 15, 17, 18, 19 and 20.

In this show everything came together: Giulia is lovely, beautiful and has the right figure;

then there is a perfect outfit and she is a dancer! I love that bikini which suits her oh so well.

The red bikini plus stripper shoes and heart in red: that’s Valentine’s Day.

A show of great quality with a high level of playfulness. It looks like Giulia has been playing ball games in her youth.

What I also like about her shows is that there is enough tempo without being rushed/speedy.

Although not a poledancer, Giulia uses the pole creatively.

Her cards Game Day and Broken Hearts are the best cards in 2018 uptil now (14/02/2018).

My compliments for Giulia and Totem Team for this fabulous show.

Giulia is for me the revelation of 2018. She deserves it to become the Talent of the Month March.
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