Intense Heat por

Tiffany Tatum

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Desde en dic 2017

430 comment(s)
agosto 31, 2018
es una preciosidad, me encanta la manera de mover su culete. es muy sexy
Desde en ago 2011

99 comment(s)
junio 7, 2018
Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
julio 30, 2018
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 7, Pole 7 and On TB 6. No bare feet.

Starting Nude three clips: one standing , one pole and one taskbar clip. A tiny bit of touching.

This card is underrated. Tiffany Tatum has indeed an amazing ass and long beautiful legs.

The outfit was great with the red partydress, the red normal panties and the high heels.

The red lipstick combined perfect with the red of the dress and the panties.

The high heels pushed her ass up and out, which gave a very sexy impression.

Many times asshaking in the standing clips. I didn’t see any problems for Tiffany moving in the high heels.

In two transition clips (one clothed, one naked) she jumps up with both feet and turns backwards.

Applause, Tiffany!. No fear at all. She bends very easy in the pole clips. I liked this show very much. Five stars.
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