The Morning After por

Sophie Sparks

 4.21 (145 votos)

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Desde en jul 2009

134 comment(s)
julio 20, 2018
Sophie is super sexy in this blue babydoll that harmonizes very well with her gorgeous blue eyes. Natural body, natural smile, everything looks so natural... continuous eye contact during the show... Can eye contact make you fall in love? Try Sophie's performance and you will surely say a big and loud yesssss! ;)
Desde en nov 2016

56 comment(s)
septiembre 28, 2018
This young woman is really pretty..I just don't find her to be sexy. Her movements are just not sensual, erotic or anything other than 'fun'.
Desde en jun 2008

105 comment(s)
julio 23, 2018
Mesmerizing beauty. Heavenly eyes and smile. Looks a lot like Bernadette whom I also loved. She is more than perfect and love the bush. Ready for take 2.
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