Heart of Glass por

Margo Dumas

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Desde en sep 2012

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agosto 17, 2018
Best comment - Margo Dumas by OLIVERLOKKY - Photographer

A lot of lascivious moves while she looks straight in your eyes…enjoy
Desde en dic 2016

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enero 16
NOTE: I'm writing a very detailed review. My intent is two-fold. One, to tell the potential buyer what to expect. Two, to tell iStripper it should figure out a scheme to better describe each card so customers don't have a sense of buyer's remorse. There are a few people on this site who do write detailed reviews, and they have persuaded me to buy a card I otherwise might have passed up.

This is a good card when judged as an artistic striptease -- with an emphasis on both artistic and teasing. Based on that, I'm giving it a score of 4.5.

As a photographer that shoots nude models, this is what we call, "Nude, no pink." That is, she is fully nude, but the vagina (or anus) is not spread open to show the pink inside.

I think the low rating for this card is a result of unfulfilled expectations. iStripper gives it a hotness level of full nudity. Most customers expect a lot of nudity and some pink, and are sorely disappointed when there is none.

I personally think iStripper needs some way to better communicate and describe upfront what the customer is buying before he or she buys.

One person called this artistic nude. That's a fair description. Many of Margo's moves are those of an artisitc nude model moving smoothly and sexily from pose to pose. They are not really the moves of a dancer.

But, she does it well. So, if you can get past that, then you can appreciate Margo's card as being more about tease and slow reveals rather than quickly shedding clothes and spreading wide. She has a great body, she knows her angles and curves and what looks good to the camera.

The topless clips #4, #5, and #6 total 7:39. She starts with all her lingerie on. She teases and takes a while before her top comes off, and a little longer before she fully exposes her breasts.

The nude clips #7, #8, and #9 total 7:32. She starts with panties on, bra off, breasts fully revealed, but does tease quite a bit before she slides her panties off. Her go to move is to slide her panties off while posing in profile, then turning to show herself fully nude.

She starts fully nude in clips #10, #11, and #15, which total 6:15. She doesn't show pink, but you can see her pussy. You can see her outer pussy lips, inner pussy lips, and her inner labia are open just a little to see the darkenss of her pussy opening. I think with a little coaxing her clit would show, and she would be dripping wet. I think she has an inner slut that needs to be brought out and put on display. Maybe iStripper could convince her to do some XXX cards -- some real XXX cards -- and help her discover her inner slut so she can set it free for both her and us to enjoy. But, that is my opinion, which could be wrong.

Clips #12, #13, and #14 total 13:04 and represent a good portion of the show. They are full but slow stripteases from all lingerie on to bra and panties off. As an example, in clip #14 which is 3:57 in length, she starts removing her bra at about 1:35, her bra is off by about 2:15, breasts fully exposed by 2:30. She starts almost immediately to play with her panties, and they are slid off by about 3:05. She's nude for the remainder. I think her timing makes this show a little more tease than strip, but she's consistent, and still nice to look at while she's getting naked, and when she is finally naked.

Her strappy heels remain on in all clips, which I personally think is sexy and hot. She slides her hands across her body to accentuate her curves, and to emphasize each new curve she creates as she pushes a leg back, or leand her body or turns her hips, or caresses her breasts and nipples. She engages the camera throughout with eye contact and constant smiling, as if to say, "Yes you'll see me nude. Just be patient."

However, I personally would like to see some smiles turn into erotic expressions of ecstasy, as if to say that maybe some hot and raw sex -- not just a display of her nude body -- is a possibility -- on condition you're both a good and bad boy.

I bought this card because of the 20% discount special, and thought it worth taking the risk. I'm glad I did, and I will purchase more.

I apologize for the lenght of the review. I'm happy to listen to any opinions on how I might improve future reviews, assuming this one was helpful. If not, I do apologize.
Desde en abr 2008

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septiembre 13, 2018
WOW!!!! I bought this entire set during the buy 4 get 1 back sale. I was reading about the no pussy showing and immediately was outraged. Then I checked the card out and man she is the definition of sometimes less is more. She is playful and has innocence that is truthly rare these day.

I did I gave a very non-explicit card 5 stars and I don't regret it. Surprised the hell out of me.
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