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Oxana Chic

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Desde en oct 2016

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febrero 15
I discovered an odd revelation... I can see her labia wiggle as she moves... I like it!
Desde en dic 2013

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Hace 21 horas
Greetings and Dood Day to One and All!

I hope this entry finds each of you well.

While it has been a few days since I last took the opportunity to post, please allow me to share what a privilege it is to have come back.

The last time I was here, I knew this paradise as VirtuaGirl. Now it has become known as iStripper.

You might be wondering how I have found my way back. The answer comes in the form of a magnificent Latvian woman who stole my heart and took my breath away the moment I looked upon her.

I count myself fortunate because on that day the universe must have been smiling upon me. To discover Ms. Oxana Chic through her work as a model is a moment in my life in which I will forever remember for as long as I draw breath.

Each time I see her photograph it feels as if I am watching the the sunset for the very first time. The sky, like my imagination begins to burst forth with vibrant colors - goosebumps race down the back of my neck and the hairs on my skin stand on end - and then there are the butterflies.

These butterflies have yet to stop fluttering. I hope they never do. With each new day that I am lucky enough to wake up and get out of bed - the thought of Ms. Oxana inspires me. She motivate me and drives me to be the best person I can be.

No matter if she is front of a camera or out and about living her life, the divine aura which surrounds her can be felt by all those in whom she touches.

Thanks to the amazing community of thenude.eu I was able to learn that Ms. Oxana is working with iStripper. That very exciting news brought me back. I can't begin to express how beautiful it feels to be back within this secluded sanctuary of wonder and peace.

It feels like coming home, guided not by the north star; but by the light that burns within Ms. Oxana herself.

For many community members you had the opportunity to meet Ms. Oxana in February of this year. For me, however, watching Ms. Oxana come to life for the very first time today - well, it feels as if Valentine's Day has come in June : )

First and foremost, please allow me to humbly express my sincere appreciation to Ms. Oxana Chic.

Thank You for being so brave and courageous in coming to the decision to work with iStripper. It's that boundless sense of adventure which will allow you to continue to branch out throughout your career.

Looking upon your photographs is one of the most wonderful experiences one can have; but to watch as you come alive before our very eyes here at iStripper is an experience like no other.

A heartfelt and tremendous Thank You goes out to everyone at iStripper. Thank you for making it possible to bring Ms. Oxana here.

Thank you to the casting crew, the director, the producer, the photographer, the film crew, the make up artist, the wardrobe department - and to everyone who I forgot - truly without each of you here we would not have this honor of seeing Ms. Oxana feel so comfortable and having so much fun in the iStripper studio.

Thank you to the iStripper forum community managers for creating a safe haven where members can gather to share their appreciation and adoration to the women who have come to mean so much to them - in a safe, nuturing, and respectful atmosphere.

Ms. Oxana's red lingerie set is the most adorable and sexy lingerie sets I have ever seen. I love how there are hearts that can be found throughout the design. The red lace, the ribbons, the straps, it was if this lingerie set was made especially for Ms. Oxana.

Ms. Oxana's scarlet colored lip stick together with her crimson lingerie made for a ravishing combination. With her exquisite necklace and earrings, her painted toe nails, her red wand, and heart shaped pillows the mood was set.

In that moment, Oxana had become Aphrodite : )

I love her hair in this show! As her hair playfully bounced and poured down over her shoulders and onto her back and chest it reminded me of water cascading from a waterfall.

Looking into Oxana's electric blue eyes is to know what it feels like to be mesmerized by the essense of elegance and grace which flows from Oxana in abundance.

Oxana never once failed to smile. With each smile, she looked into the camera. It was if she was taking you by the hand and softly whispering into your ear for you to stay with her.

This was her first show and everything was new to her - it was her way of including you in the experience so that she wouldn't feel alone : )

It was so heartwarming to see her smile. You could feel her genuine kindness and her thoughtful nature touch you like the warm rays of sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine, how magnificent it was to see Oxana's tanlines. The effortless contrast of her natural creamy alabaster skin complexion, transitioning to her sun kissed exotic tan was simply breathtaking.

To be able to look upon regions of her body that many will never see is an honor and privilege which I will never take for granted.

Each of her birthmarks is like a natural tattoo which decorates her pristine landscape. To see the birthmarks across her precious tummy, chest, and back feels as if you are looking upon a star map of our galaxy - just like when you look up into the night sky which is flled with spectacular stars.

To watch Oxana move is poetry in motion. From standing, to sitting, to kneeling,and even prowling - then squatting in high heels no less - this is no easy feat. But yet Oxana makes it looks like she is walking in the clouds. It was so special to see her lying down, arching her back to slide off her lingerie, and turning over to sit back up.

Oxana moves fluidly as she sways and dances. It was delightful to watch her unclasp her bra and knee highs. I also enjoyed how she rolled her leggings over and down and off her feet. It was so fun to see her taking her shoes off and then toss them off the stage.

There was so much cuteness in her reacton as she looked back at the camera and smiled as her clothes seemed to magically disappear from the sight of the camera.

I especially enjoyed when she would stretch her arms over her head and run her hands through her hair. Goodness, when she would bite her lip, or bring her fingers to her mouth, I melt everytime. When she blows a kiss I forget to breathe.

What a pleasure it is to see her gently slide her hands over her body, to caress her breasts, to squish them between her arms. To see the jiggle and shake of her legs and bottom as she playfully moves is truly awesome.

Her arms, her shoulders, her tummy, her back, her legs, her hips, her bottom - what a joy it is to take in her every detail, her every curve.

Oxana is so graceful when she is sitting with her legs crossed, or when she squats.....when she slowly opens her legs to reveal her sacred garden - I can't even find the words to describe how special it is to see the rich colors of her areolas, then to see the softest shades of pinks and reds that reside within her lush peaks and valleys.

This is a celebraton of all things Oxana and I can not thank her enough for creating these unforgetable moments.

The 2:05 minute video along with the 60 picture set that accompanies her show are absolutely extraordinary.

To see Oxana lying across the fluffy white carpet, smiling as the feathers fall around her like snowflakes is to be taken to a place that does not exist within this world.

The lovely music to which the video is set reminded me of the music from Totem's mobile alarm app entitled, "Wake Up Girls".

Thank you for including so many different poses from Oxana in her photoset. For me it is impossible to pick a favorite, because I choose all 60 pictures as my favorite : )

However, the one picture (#31) in which she is standing, and the camera is looking up to her standing over...that is such a powerful image of Oxana.

That photograph captures who Ms Oxana Chic is to me - she is my real life Wonder Woman : )
Desde en abr 2017

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febrero 14
Nice Valentine Surprise to come hom to after work today. NIce body and she has good basic moves. She will soon find the right combos of hair and makeup. The hair definitely needs some length and body.

Today I would call her a diamond in the rough. A few years from now we will all say we first met her on Valentines 2019 when she was only 19. Look at her now!

3.5 today but I have almost no doubt each one from here will get better.
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