White Lace por

Josephine Jackson

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Desde en sep 2012

269 comment(s)
marzo 15
Best comment - Josephine Jackson by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

She knows how to move her very sexy body. Those tits are incredible, and as you can see, 100% damn natural. Some naked feet on table and also while dancing. I know some of you guys prefer heels, but she was not very used to wear high heels, so I prefered her to act more natural way...
Desde en sep 2007

81 comment(s)
marzo 15
Desde en dic 2009

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marzo 19
She seemed to dance in heels quite well in her previous show. That on top a stripper not wearing "stripper shoes" makes no sense to me. Learn & practice your chosen profession. For a stripper not dancing in high heels is like a data entry clerk that doesn't know how to type ... Just deosn't make sense does it?

Now all of the swinging & wallowing around on the ground they can be bare feet & no stockings. There, now both groups can be given what they want.

As far as the show in question, for the most part it was really good as the last show, only in white.
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