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Hayli Sanders

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Desde en mar 2011

633 comment(s)
marzo 18
This show counts 20 clips divided in Standing 6, Pole 5, Behind TB 3 and On TB 6. No Touching/rubbing.

No Bare feet. Starting Nude (just heels) one Standing, one Pole and two TB clips.

I knew Hayli already from other sites and it’s good to see her here. She has the next-door-girl look and like many next-door-girls

nowadays she has a tattoo. Her face is friendly and her figure has for me the right proportions. The special bikini is perfect.

In her Standing and Pole clips she does a quiet performance, moving quit slow, mostly staying at one place.

In the TB clips Hayli does a modest and relaxed striptease. She takes her time to reveal the beauty’s of her body.

The rating: Standing 4,25; Pole 4,5; Taskbar 4,5; Beauty 5 (next-door-girl) and Outfit 5 (bikini). Total 23,25/5 = 4,65---> 4,5 star

In the introtext one can read Hayli loves to do nothing: Song of the Show Brenda Lee with “Sweet Nothin’s”:

“My baby whispers in my ear - Mm sweet nothin's - He knows the things I like to hear - Mm sweet nothin's”
Desde en ene 2015

282 comment(s)
marzo 24
Wow! What a fantastic and beautiful new girl we have here. Hayli is a lovely gorgeous girl with a great body, a great ass which she swings just awesomely, absolutely superb legs and superb seductive moves that leaves me just wanting more. Hayli is just outstanding on this card in her beautiful looks and the way she performs with that gorgeous body of hers and I'll be definitely looking forward to seeing much much more of her.
Desde en abr 2017

237 comment(s)
Hace 29 días
Got this one today on the Redraw Cards. Had one other card of hers from th April Pack. This one is noty quite up to the frst one. She should have lost those huge shoes at least for a few sets. Once again, glad the hair hides the tattoo.
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