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Maria Marino

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Director's Note

She has her pussy freshly trimmed now ! Putting oil on this type of body is extremely erotic. And when it comes with lots of soap on the glass, it’s the messy, sexy combo ! This card contains lots of naked clips as she didn’t want to ruin her swimsuit with the oil ! Good news for us !

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Desde en may 2011

5 comment(s)
Hace 22 días
I had to throw my two cents in here. First off, bravo for Totem for adding this girl. We need more options for REAL women! Not just baby dolled czech pornstars. To those people who rate poorly because she "had" a hairy vagina, i say why did you purchase her? Theres a thousand other girls to choose from. Read the descriptions before you buy. Good Job Maria Marino and thank you totem for adding her. :)
Desde en dic 2009

11 comment(s)
Hace 23 días
don,t care what y,all say this girl is sexy in this card
Desde en abr 2017

230 comment(s)
Hace 23 días
Halfway through and she has my 4.5. I can't go the full 5 because fo the tattoos. Maybe if they'd been smaller and she'd kept her arms down more.... Anyway, from now on when she makes a card it will be on my list.
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