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Ria Rodriguez

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Desde en jun 2009

547 comment(s)
noviembre 20, 2014
Wow. Ria Rodriguez is amazing. She has a Latina name, but sports an Exotic Indian look. Her hot, natural body is both strong and supple and her exotic looks are enhanced by her rampant sexuality and charged performance. She has the whole package and it comes through on-screen in a bonerific way.Ria's scenes are full of hot passion and while there is some good striptease, it's mostly about the self-pleasure for this lovely. From every angle, she's great to watch and Ria knows how to pleasure herself and keep you entertained and wanting more in the process.A very hot card, easy Perfect 10. Get it. Now.
Desde en jun 2012

583 comment(s)
febrero 12, 2015
Great positions, amazing angles of view. Ria's definitely an excellent masturbater. And really pretty!
Desde en mar 2009

7 comment(s)
noviembre 13, 2014
Im sorry but i love different ethnicities! Different diversities , different tones, ill would give her a solid 11 if i could. Yea the eyelashes are a bit much but who cares?!?! She is a little thick.....but there are some on here that need to go to a buffet....She adds flavor to deskbabes and vg.....One of the main things that totem is laking in my opinion. Thanks for this card, looking forward to see what's next......
Desde en abr 2008

37 comment(s)
noviembre 12, 2014
She have one inche eyelash extensions, so everytime she close his eye, it's very distracting, and she do it a lot. It's a big turn off for me. The girl look good, but doesn't look as fit as the text describing her say.eyelash extension make me give her a 7without them, she would earn a 9, minimum.Les extensions de cils d'un pouce de long sont vraiment distrayant, et comme elle ferme les yeux presque continuellement, c'est dur d'apprécier sa performance. Cette pro du gym rythmique et de kickboxing a...des poignées d'amours, et oui, elle n'est pas squelettique.Sans ses extensions de cil, j'aurais mis un 9 facile.Mais c'est assez distrayant, que j'ai baissé à 7.déçu.
Desde en oct 2011

4 comment(s)
noviembre 16, 2014
Ria is in my opinion a beautiful girl. Dark smooth skin, brunette, very well proportioned and really nice curves. She knows how to give me the views and angles I like. Her performance is Awesome! The audibles are genuine and don't sound faked. Her eye contact is very good. She doesn't stare at the camera and isn't looking off screen like she is looking at the director. What eye contact there is, is like she is checking to see how turned on I am and its working :-)She is focused on herself, comes quickly, often, and it appears non-fake. The only detractor for me is my personal preference for no anal. What anal there is dose not involve a toy and is not the center of the action. for this reason I gave it a 9. No anal and this would be an 11 for me.
Desde en ene 2008

210 comment(s)
noviembre 21, 2014
Creo que a Ria le deberían de hacer más justicia los maquillistas. Es una linda chica pero sus ojos están demasiado saturados además de sus pestañas falsas que no le van para nada. Fuera de esto creo que es un buen show y para los amantes de las morenas altamente recomendable. 9
Desde en jul 2009

162 comment(s)
noviembre 13, 2014
Ria is gorgeous and in 3K her skin you could even say it glows. Ria says a quick hello, then she's just too busy to talk after that. It's all about showtime. She just totally gets after getting off, like nonstop.

Lia is real nice, but Ria is unreal. Easily my favorite 3K girl/show so far.

More lovely Ria! Then Ria and Lia! Time to make that 3K a double already.
Desde en mar 2008

248 comment(s)
abril 23, 2018
I'm not sure what to make of this show from this little cutie. I certainly couldn't criticize her enthusiasm but I didn't give her credit for any orgasms even though she seemed to be trying.

I got the impression that she was stopping herself each time she got close.

There is anal in this card even though the tag is missing.
Desde en sep 2008

5 comment(s)
mayo 1, 2018
I dunno why but the fake eye lashes really turn me off for some reason :(
Desde en jul 2011

217 comment(s)
enero 30, 2017
Latina bombshell, fine as hell and ready for action. Let's go Ria!

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