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Chloe Lacourt

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Desde en nov 2011

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mayo 21, 2018
She looked for perfection and she get it via enhancements, gym and make up, doesn´t matter she is perfect.
Desde en nov 2015

126 comment(s)
julio 9, 2016
Essa francesa me deixa louco com o seu gemido.Muito linda e gostosa de corpo perfeito.Uma maravilha de mulher.Beijos no seu corpo todo.
Desde en abr 2013

12 comment(s)
diciembre 11, 2014
I like Chloe a lot. Fake tits, some tatoos, lots of makeup, fake blonde hair--- yes, she has all that and some might not like it. but i do. it's like she tries to make the perfect living sex doll out of herself. i like that, it's something that might be strange but somehow is very arousing to me.

+ she has a very cute laugh and smile when she drops the dildo ^^

+ she takes it up the butt as if she likes it.
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