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Sofia Ander

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Desde en sep 2016

18 comment(s)
marzo 30, 2017
Desearia estar enfermo para que esta enfermerita me cuide... mas shows por favor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Desde en ago 2011

99 comment(s)
octubre 7, 2017
Desde en dic 2012

614 comment(s)
julio 4, 2017
Sofia Ander is an absolute delight in this performance. She has a degree in business? I reckon this performance could earn her an honorary PhD in business ... the business of gentle self-pleasure!

Sofia is a very beautiful babe. She has a wholesome body, which she's clearly proud to flaunt, allowing us to admire her gorgeous physique as she goes about caressing herself, and massaging and stimulating her pussy. Sofia is blessed with a very attractive pussy. She keeps her genital area exquisitely groomed. It's so sexy.

Sofia takes her time sensually pleasuring herself. She eventually achieves her orgasm using a dildo. She provides lots of exposure of her pussy as she fingers herself and later uses her dildo. It is a wonderful performance. I'd still give her five stars even if she just sat their with her legs wide apart throughout the show. Fabulous!!!!!!!
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