Spring Bloom por

Lana Rey

 4.61 (228 votos)

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Desde en ene 2010

20 comment(s)
enero 23
For those looking to find or avoid anal clips, here are the details.

Note that my personal tolerance level for anal goes as far as a finger insertion or wearing a buttplug.

ATM or anal with dildo or buttplug insertion/removal are over the line for me.

So if any of those happens, I stop watching and disable the clip.

Your mileage may vary, I'm just giving you the info to decide whether to get the show or not.

The '...' at the end of any line below means I stopped watching and have no idea what might have happened next.

If you love anal, those are probably the clips you particularly want. :o)

There are 6 XXX clips in total in this show, all on taskbar.

6: 4:16, fingers, pussy, no anal

8: 3:24, dildo, pussy, no anal

9: 2:30, dildo, pussy, no anal

11: 1:46, finger, anal, ATM...

12: 3:34, dildo, doggie anal, ATM...

13: 4:02, dildo, anal...

The anal clips I disable do NOT affect my rating, I simply treat them as if they didn't exist.
Desde en mar 2012

839 comment(s)
marzo 5, 2018
Hot Girl, Love the outfit
Desde en may 2015

112 comment(s)
septiembre 22, 2018
Bring her BBACKK and give us more of hers.
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