Sugar And Spice por

Ivana Sugar

 4.48 (153 votos)

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Desde en may 2015

112 comment(s)
agosto 25, 2016
Another best of Sugar.
Desde en mar 2008

248 comment(s)
enero 29, 2018
I've always been a fan of Ivana's. She is stunninglly gorgeous with a great body & nice face. In this show there were 7 out of 12 XXX clips which would make this an old style XXX card.

Of the 7 XXX clips she used a dildo in 3 along with a vibrator up her ass in 1. She had two orgasms that I could detect and one was an anal orgasm. That is good enough for me.
Desde en may 2018

356 comment(s)
noviembre 20, 2018
A pretty solid XXX card, she really gets into it as she goes on.
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