Smooth Touch por

Anie Darling

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Desde en abr 2017

29 comment(s)
septiembre 5, 2017
Anie, I love yours eyes.

And yours boobs, of course.
Desde en abr 2017

230 comment(s)
Hace 21 días
I got this card in the Mystery Envelope. I was not familiar with Anie before this, but now I'm ready to get all her cards! She's everything I could ask for. Nice and natural, trimmed but not shaven, no tattoos, and she loves to get naked and stay naked. I've not even gotten to the XXX scenes yet but she's alraedy done lots of XXX but not called it such.
Desde en oct 2009

640 comment(s)
marzo 9, 2017
Anie Darling Smooth Touch is The xxx dream Card so far this year.

Eyes - Hands - Camera perfectly interlocked to direct your attention.

Kudos to the Artiste Anie. Outstanding progressive intimate work.

Inkless heaven, ultra-beauty & captivating demeanor on her own terms

demonstrating how Anie edges herself through to climaxes.

Can't fault it except for some unfortunate 'furniture bumps' in the sound 5+^40
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