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Kira Thorn

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Desde en ene 2008

199 comment(s)
septiembre 6, 2017
Anything you want to know about men for your book ask me darling ;o). Love the show, love your body, hot stuff!
Desde en may 2017

58 comment(s)
julio 8, 2017
You are beautiful but don’t feel shy to show your pussy. You should expose pussy in all positions possible.
Desde en mar 2008

248 comment(s)
febrero 25, 2018
Kira is undoubtably gorgeous with a nice body. This show was too short on XXX for my taste. There were 4 XXX clips with only 2 having sound. The first 2 XXX clips (without sound) were very short. Of the last 2 XXX clips she did nice finger work in the first one and used a huge dildo in the second. There is no anal in this show.
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