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Desde en dic 2017

431 comment(s)
febrero 19, 2018
Guauuu me gusta mirarla como se acaricia y disfruta
Desde en may 2008

412 comment(s)
enero 29, 2018
PLEASE READ...Glad I got this card. I like Mira's playful personality and her entire body and face. The performance could have been a little more sultry but her attitude saves the day. I do like tits like this. And her pussy is wonderful and messy, just like I like it. Clean shaven, but you know, that untidy look. And don't worry I don't run around with a boner giving everyone 5 stars
Desde en ene 2009

36 comment(s)
enero 19, 2018
I've been so looking forward to a better xxx card from what for me was the star of 2017, but what a Turkey - this is about as erotic as a trip to A&E! The photo angles are diabolical, most of the scenes are sucking on supid dildos and when we eventually to get some fingering it's "luke warm" to say the least, she seems to grimace as soon as she touches it and for the most part it's obscured by a hoofing great clog! I awarded one star for removing those hideous shoes in the final two scenes. Sorry Mira, such a lovely Lady but this time deleted.
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