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Lexi Layo

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Desde en dic 2017

431 comment(s)
abril 1, 2018
me gusta ese camison rosa que lleva. es una preciosa chica con una bonita cara y unos preciosos ojos, me gusta como se mueve y juega con ese juguete
Desde en mar 2018

13 comment(s)
marzo 19, 2018
This one is a must!!!
Desde en mar 2011

633 comment(s)
febrero 7, 2018
This show of 16 clips is divided in Standing 6, Pole 6 and On TB 4 clips.

XXX-labelled 3 clips all On TB and with sound, together 15 minutes (35% of total time). Three clips with dildo.

In all the three XXX-clips there is anal, which means one finger in her asshole during shorter or longer time. No ATM.

Starting Nude is here Real Full Nude: clip 10 en 11. This is a show for Naked Feet lovers. Tip toe dancing in several clips.

I like Lexi’s long, small face, her firm breasts, her firm ass, her long legs and her little bit of belly. Maybe she has gypsyblood (there is a minority of gypsies/Roma in Hungary, which have a darker complexion).

The color of the babydoll combines perfect with her brown skin and dark hair.

Lexi is lean, moves easy, drops through her knees and comes up again.

Having beautiful larger purple lips, she has also something to play with.

Normally I would have rated this card lower, because of anal, but Lexi is too good to “punish” her.
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