In to the Fox Den por

Chrissy Fox

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Desde en mar 2008

248 comment(s)
abril 10, 2018
This was a fine show by Chrissy considering there were only 2 XXX clips.

Those 2 XXX clips did last 14 minutes however.

In the first clip she used her fingers only and had a slow build-up to a very intense orgasm. In the second she used a pink vibrator with a clit/ass attachment and had another intense orgasm. She sure seemed to enjoy herself.

Body-wise she is slightly overweight but has nice boobs and a gorgeous pussy.
Desde en jul 2012

40 comment(s)
marzo 8, 2018
Fantastica come sempre.La mia peferita.Spero di verdla cavalcare il dildo presto
Desde en sep 2016

343 comment(s)
abril 23, 2018
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