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Quinn Lindemann

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Desde en may 2008

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agosto 27, 2018
Very nice looking, but more "pro" than what I go for. I prefer the horny girl next door look. For example, Tracy has that look like "I can't believe how wet you just made me. What happened?"
Desde en ene 2015

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marzo 27, 2018
Wow! What an outstanding girl, Quinn seems to have everything you could want from a girl on here, she has everything for me, gorgeous looks, heavenly body and suprb sexy moves. Quinn along with Leila are without doubt amongst the very best girls iStripper has ever had. All I ask is, please keep them both in shoes, they're at their best in shoes, believe me, and if you do, I'll gladly spend my money.:)
Desde en nov 2010

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febrero 28, 2018
This was a great card, even though it has the anal tag she also does pussy play and comes from it. She also talkes a bit to the viewer, there is a slight blooper where she tries to undo her shoe but shes struggling with the lace she remarks on that wich makes the clip a lot more natural.


+She talks to the viewer

+Pussy and anal play

+Some butt slaps

+She starts quivering when she reaches orgasm

  • Only 2 standing up clips (no pole; no glass)
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