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Ria Sunn

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Desde en feb 2017

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abril 16
She's gorgeous! excelent one!
Desde en mar 2011

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mayo 9, 2018
This show counts 12 clips divided in Standing 6 and On TB 6 (with sound - Czech spoken).

XXX 3 clips On TB, together ± 17,5 minutes, two with dildo of which one anal.

Starting nude clip 5, 8 and 9 and RFN 11 and 12. RFN = wearing nothing.

Ria Sunn is very beautiful, both face and body. About her slim figure:

while Chrissy Fox gained some weight during the last years, Ria did loose weight.

Ria has done the most extreme hardcore, so the anal stuff is “small beer” for her.

I liked this lingerie very much and most the see-through “skirt”.

In this show the emphasis is on the TB-clips. The Standing clips are together just ± 12 minutes.

In the Standing clips one can see that Ria is not a superior dancer, but she spiced it up with touching.

Variation came from stripping in different sequence of panties and skirt.

Of the TB-clips I liked the one with total striptease and rubbing the most. It was not labeled as xxx because of no insertion.

The next one was also very good with “nobel handwork” and climax.

Clip 11 had at least two minutes with sucking of the dildo and then insertion/playing.

In clip 12 anal with dildo and ATM. This clip deleted. It was a long waiting for the third card of Ria.

My hunger for her show was enormous, but altogether it did not meet my expectations.
Desde en may 2008

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mayo 12, 2018
Ria is one of the better ones. Beautiful and sweet. Ria is a performer who likes an audience - the right audience - a couple clips were odd but most clips hit the mark perfectly. Ria is far prettier than Ester Strach (no need for more tats)
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