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Tiffany Tatum

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Desde en mar 2011

629 comment(s)
julio 31, 2018
This show counts 14 clips divided in Standing 5, Pole 5 and On TB 4. XXX 3 clips On TB (without sound ),

together ± 15 minutes, two with dildo. In all three xxx-clips anal, ATM (Ass To Mouth) and DP (Double Penetration).

Starting Real Full Nude three clips (one standing, one pole, one taskbar).

Like many times the last card is the best card. Fashionable lingerie, the way I like it and easy to move in.

In the Standing and Pole clips Tiffany dances very sexy (bare feet!), shaking her “derrière”, laughing a lot.

The three XXX-clips were all three with anal, ATM and DP, but that’s not my thing.

So Tiffany didn’t persuade me to the anal, despite her challenging positions, like on all four.

Therefore only 4 stars. If you like anal, then this is a card for you.


There is no sound in the XXX-clips. As result of the fire in april, Totem uses a temporary studio.

In that studio there is too much interference of neighbourhood sound to record the the talking, sighing and screeaming of the model.
Desde en mar 2008

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septiembre 4, 2018
Tiffany is definitely very, very nice. She has a gorgeous body & great ass.

In this show she gave us just about everything. Finger D.P., ATM & a vibrator up her ass. Every one of her orgasms was an anal orgasm. So if you like anal (like I do) this is a great show for you.

Even though there were only 3 XXX clips she sure made the most of them. If I could give her more than 5 stars I would because she sure earned them.
Desde en may 2018

359 comment(s)
septiembre 10, 2018
This girl has a gerwat, naught next door girl vibe to her that I really, really enjoyed.
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