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Vanessa Decker

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Desde en ago 2018

33 comment(s)
diciembre 13, 2018
Perfect and extremely sexy looking woman!
Desde en jul 2018

251 comment(s)
diciembre 5, 2018
So proud of her great Trexxx show
Desde en may 2010

111 comment(s)
diciembre 5, 2018
Another fantastic from Vanessa!
Desde en oct 2018

6 comment(s)
diciembre 3, 2018
amazing form, so sexy.
Desde en jun 2008

103 comment(s)
diciembre 19, 2018
very very hot.
Desde en jul 2016

6 comment(s)
diciembre 3, 2018
hot show
Desde en dic 2007

104 comment(s)
diciembre 4, 2018
Good Card and real nice Vanessa D. ! - Well, I would like to say that in my Opinion Vanessa GREATEST Advantage is that she makes as well as generally AND in basics a real absolute special NICE and lovely impression ! In her Case also some sort of a very kind and warm impression ! Further great Advantages of her is her real nice and very female Figure, nice Breasts, nice Legs, an erotic female face but also bit harsh Face and also her "Rear" is VERY lovely and she is also a good performer - partly really good. And so it is also with this Card that makes no Difference and Advantage of this Card is of course a real erotic Outfit or erotic Lingerie Outfit. - I think or in my opinion - there is nothing real negative issue on Vanessa so far - IF there are negative issues than perhaps that I am not a Tattoo Fan and she shouldn't have more Tattoos than she already has in my opinion and the second PERHAPS "negative" issue is that she looks a bit "older" than she is in my opinion - she is 19 yrs. old but looks like 23-25 years. But this is also no disadvantage basically - as many Women look the most erotic between 25-35 years old. - The Actresses Raquel Welch and Sophia Loren for example look the most erotic for example when they were between 30-40 yrs. old... - Full 5 Stars from me for this Show !
Desde en jun 2011

1044 comment(s)
diciembre 30, 2018
Quelle magnifique tenue sur cette beauté, du charme à profusion et du sexe osé avec toutes ces positions à caractère licencieux...
Desde en dic 2018

32 comment(s)
diciembre 22, 2018
One of the better sets from Advent calendar garbage...

Model with interesting look and figure.
Desde en feb 2008

731 comment(s)
diciembre 4, 2018
I was beginning to think that Vanessa would wear ridiculous costumes for all her new cards, considering the first three that were issued... This would have been a pity, she's gorgeous, way beyond her first time here, that left me totally indifferent. Brilliant choice of lingerie this time!

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