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Vanessa Decker

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Desde en sep 2012

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diciembre 17, 2018
Best comment - Vanessa Decker by ETHAN ANGUS - Photographer

Good news ! Sound is finally back for XXX cards
Desde en mar 2008

248 comment(s)
enero 4
This was a good show from the gorgeous brown-eyed Vanessa Decker.

Of the 13 clips 3 were rated XXX. In the first one she did a slow build-up with her fingers. In the second one, again using only her fingers, she finished herself off. In the third one she brought out a big dildo and used that to achieve another happy ending.

I was hoping they were going to bring her back & I wasn't disappointed.
Desde en jul 2018

248 comment(s)
diciembre 17, 2018
Proud to have her in in my collection.

That peek in the preview should be mandatory for all previews otherwise its like looking at a tree under ground if you can't see any of the beautiful leaves whats the bloody point of helping uproot it. YES im shallow
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