Happy New Year por

Olivia Sin

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Director's Note

Very special card, enjoy some extra photos on the Chesterfield with champagne. Playing with champagne was really fun, as she never drinks alcohol ! At the end of the show she kept laughing for no reason and was little drunk ! Hopefully it was the last show of the day !

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Desde en nov 2013

32 comment(s)
enero 19
Took a lot of scratch off's to win this card. I'm going to take in Olivia's Happy New Year nice and slow!
Desde en jun 2009

9 comment(s)
diciembre 25, 2018

To Aenaeas: Don´t write more comments please.
Desde en ago 2013

1 comment(s)
diciembre 25, 2018
Beautiful, good curves and she can dance <3
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