Yours Forever por

Mina K

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Director's Note

She can do some impressive deepthroats, but she was quite shy speaking to camera...

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Desde en mar 2018

24 comment(s)
Hace 17 días
Really great performance, very nice outfit, very sexy girl, great body and a sweet smile, plus just love that ass.

I think for her first attempt at a xxx show she does really well, the eye contact and coy smiles really make you feel like she's doing it just for you and you alone, total girlfriend experiance.

Mina if you're reading this please, please, please come back for a take 2 and do more xxx shows because you are awesome at them.
Desde en jun 2015

90 comment(s)
Hace 13 días
not every woman can pull off slow sensual movements but you nailed it. loved watching that ass move side to side, and enjoyed seeing you get off even more.
Desde en sep 2014

1940 comment(s)
Hace 18 días
Oh wow! What cute little Titties!

And... those long, sexy legs that go all the way up to a perfect ass and mouth watering pussy!
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